Monday, May 8, 2017

Every Stylists Dream

It is so rare to have a client sit down in your chair who has no artificial color on her hair at all.  When it does happen though, watch out! Your stylist might do a little happy dance! 

This past weekend, I had the privelage of hosting a color party for a mom, her daughter, and her daughters friend.  Mom is a regular client, but she shared her Saturday time with these awesome young women.  Thankfully, I had an assistant, because I had no idea how much hair these two had, and their color processes were as different as night and day!

The first had dark brown, virgin hair.  Yay!!  As if that wasn't too good to be true, she said I could do whatever I wanted!  (Enter happy dance here!) As you could imagine, I was on cloud nine.  After a consultation, I decided on a fun Sombre using a Balayage technique.  

Her friend, sweet as she was, came with a little more effort.  She was box colored, with a couple inches of new growth.  Her desire was to take her red-toned honey brown hair and transform it in one day to an all over silver/white blonde.  After a lengthy discussion, she agreed to let me get it as close as I could, using proper treatments along the way, knowing that it would take another color service in a few weeks to get it where she wants it.

Then, we went to work! Both girls were thrilled with the outcome!!!  What do you think?

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